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Company Vesovian s.r.o. was make long years experiences in importing parts for military technics. The Company is still focus for production and distribution parts and with co-operation with extern society and with own technics. We have vision make width specture parts focused on the biggest quality. That's the real reason for bought more complections of buildin' machines witch we can do the best and high-quality sortiments and stay with low cost price for custtomers.
We are making with own or with cooperative production 350 spec. parts necessary for repairing engines. That is reason for making 100% the best for customers request. In March 2016 we bought daughter company Vesovian servis s.r.o. This company is for widening range of products for engines and undercarriages.
On the reactions of request's customers, we are preparing drawing documentation and with cooperate' with our engineers and front experts of productions we are able to make the parts with the best quality.